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missing you
Monday, November 16, 2015
hey Baymax,
i know you've been busy these days .
just wanna tell you i missed you a lot.
its not like i don't want to talk to you.
its just i don't want to bother you with your tournament.

i lied when i said i don't care.
i lied when i said i didn't missed you.
i lied when i said 'tak merajuk" with you.
i lied because i don't want to bother you with my childish attitude.
next sem , you won't be around for the first week.
well , i guess i'll be missing you more and more .

i always pray that you'll be the last person that i'm in love with. i've promise to myself that. if anything happen between us. i won't find another. cause i know it will hurts my feelings even worst than before. loving you is a risk that i take. i hope waiting for you are worthed. i know you've warned me that you don't want to hurt my feelings. that is why you don't want to give me any hope. then , i lied when i said it's okay, i lied bacause the already hurt me a little . but, atleast you told me the truth. when you said you started to like me a bit. felt like euphoria of love had come to my sense . your confession brought me into tears. i was so happy then. but i didn't see your effort. its okay. i know. loving a person takes time . you what baymax? you're the reason why i started to write agian.

your fan xoxo.

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