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Should i?
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Hi, have you heard ? Sufian Suhaimi's title "Harus Aku". hmm, yea , i'm totally in that kind of dilemma. When you came into my life. You make me write again. I've been denying my feelings for so many times. But then i'm attracted to you cause You're so attractive. I'm sorry sebab buka peluang for me and you to get hurt. Now, i'll close it back. Cause i know,  chances for me to get hurt are much higher. Plus, i do not want you to get hurt too for hurting me. You're such a nice guy to me. I have so many things to say dekat you baemax. I have so many things to ask too. But seems like i don't even know where to start.

"should i let you go and hold on to it?" "should i stay?" "or should i let you go and move on?"

Should i?  Should i?

I couldn't stand losing you. But to stay like this with my own feelings without knowing your feelings. it hurts too. Sorry baemax for bothering you this whole time. Thank you for everything selama dekat kmj. Thank you untuk bahagia yang sementara. Thank you hadir when i need someone to encourage me to lose weight. I'll continue with my mission. Like you said, kalau ada rezeki kita jumpa masa aku kurus. Have a nice day. Hope one day you'll find a lady whom you loves and you'll do anything to have her. As in return, I will always pray that, the lady will love you too and accept you for who you are and be with you through ups and downs.

Don't worry about me. I'll do what is the best for me.

If we are meant to be,  not a million years will it be someone else. Thank you Baemax for everything.

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