"being heartless is the only way" (Oscar Wilde)

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can't help falling inlove with you
Sunday, December 4, 2016
hey, how are you guys ?
me ? sure. having a lot of fun sitting at home. enjoyed mom's cooking. skipped study. played with brothers and sister . hahahaha

but here is the problem. i'm still alive and barely breathing.  i still can't get rid of him from my mind.
what am i supposed to do? i miss him so much but i can't tell him. i won't let him know. he so far away and i can't be with him even if i can . this feeling will never find their end way. what should i do ? what i can do is keep this feeling . let him go slowly. how funny. its been a year i have crush on you which i can't continue. cause i know both of us will get hurt in the end. i dont know exactly what will happen. but i can feel it. that is why i have keep a distance from you. i miss you but i cant tell you. i cant continue with this feelings legally. i have to keep it silent and move on slowly. its not my ego. its just i cant .

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